DREAMSCAPES & Artificial Architecture

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A journey through dreamlike landscapes, bizarre buildings, and whimsical interiors floating between reality and fantasy.

Oscar Wilde claimed that "progress is the realization of utopia." Dreamscapes illustrates utopian visions and invites the reader into otherworldly scenes that manifest visions of idealised worlds, offering a path toward a better future. The showcased pieces blur the lines between practical applications for architecture and design, abstract artistic expressions, and expand the possibilities of architecture, interior, and set design.
The book presents the work of leading creatives from across the globe, exploring the infinite ways to visualize landscapes and the built environment. With their roots in spatial design, their ideas present a new creative current defined by the fusion of digital techniques such as computer rendering and 3D art, and an aesthetic that moves between fantasy and reality.
Editors: Gestalten 

Release date: May 2020
Format: 26.9/21.3/2.5 cm Weight 1118 g
Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 208 pages, English


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